Monday, 3 August 2015

Decisions, decisions

I will be off to Normandy for two weeks tomorrow, and here comes the decision time again as to what to take with me re wardrobe.  Normandy summer can be anything between early spring and late autumn, so I need to prepare for three seasons.  Question is, which season do I gear toward?  Do I pack more jumpers, or do I pack more linen clothing?  I struggle with this every year, so this year I may have to take photographic record of what I was wearing each day.

I draw possible items to take with me in my travel journal, but I may not take everything on the list or I may throw in what's not on the list in the last minute.  Looking at the 14 day weather forecast, it  could be quite warm this week so I might take lighter items with me.  Having said this, a down jacket is still a must item for Notmandy.

I will get to use this new journal from this year, as the last one filled up last year.  I've made this journal a little bigger than the last year's, hoping for it to last quite a bit longer.

I have lined the inside of the covers with reproduction vintage map of London.  The world map would have been better but I couldn't find it so this would do.

The paper is 190gm, heavy enough to take water colour paint.  The paper surface is smooth so that the pen tip wouldn't catch on the surface.

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