Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My New Paint Box!

I am addicted to paintboxes.  I love the boxes and I love the colours that line the box.  They look so yummy chummy (don't lick your paint! I have to tell myself).  If I stumble on a nice enamelled box I have to buy it!    And so... recently a very special new paintbox has been added to my collection.   I always wanted to start a blog on drawing/watercolour painting/travel journal etc etc, and at long last this new paintbox spurred me on...so here I am.
It is modelled on Roberson Paintbox, and it is made by The Little Brass Box Company.  For a small additional fee you can choose any colour you want your box to be, and I chose this forest green - well actual colour name is Chrome Green but it's more like forest or fir green.  It came out slightly lighter than expected but I'm still very happy with this colour (it's very difficult to judge the true colour from looking at the screen colour options).  If I could afford it, I'd get as many paintboxes as possible in all the different colours I fancy, for sure!
I used to want Craig Young's paintbox like crazy but he has a loooong looong waiting list so I virtually gave up.  I kept searching on the internet for similar designs and found this new company.
The box takes large pans and I've been thinking about the colour choice to fill the box, way before the paintbox was ready for me.
So here they are.  I've transported several colours from the old box I regularly used (now that one is filled up with half-pans - image might follow on a different entry), and I bought some colours new.
The orangey looking one is Indian Yellow.  I used to have Cadmium Yellow in its place but decided to have a go at this rich warm transparent yellow and see how it goes.  And in this box I ditched Burnt Sienna (the colour I love and find very useful) and replaced it with Light Red - I find Light red is more vibrant - see if I can do without Burnt Sienna - hoping that Sepia - also a new colour for me and much darker - would do the work.

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