Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Travel Wardrobe

First two pages for Paris trip, July 2012
When I travel, I start my travel journal with the wardrobe drawing. It is useful both minimising what I am going to pack in my bag, and also for future reference. Quite often I make a few notes on the clothing that was not worn much, or things I should have taken. I find it much easier to have a visual reference in this way rather than having a list of items in words.
Brighton trip, June 2013

Normandy, France trip, August 2011 (first two pages)

Normandy, France trip, August 2012
(I didn't take everything listed in these pages. As I wasn't sure about the weather in Normandy, I drew every possible items as a plan and made final choice from the drawing)

One of earlier wardrobe drawing. This one was for trekking trip to Nepal. I used to draw tiny and managed to fit everything in a page about 12cm x 9cm. This journal is so old that this page (and some others) has fallen out of the journal.

Another early day drawing. I used to carry colour pencils instead of watercolours. Karisma colours was my favourite brand but sadly they don't exist any more.

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