Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Goldfinches in Flight

I. LOVE. BIRDS. I stumbled upon a beautiful photograph of goldfinches arguing in flight while surfing on the web, and I couldn't help painting it. Goldfinches are so unique with such striking colours of intense red, yellow and black. A true natures' wonderment.

It is drawn with hard graphite pencil and painted with watercolour in a notebook with quite thin paper. The surface of the paper is very smooth and the graphite pencil runs nicely on the surface, creating free flow of lines which I enjoy very much. The thing about drawing/painting in this notebook is that I feel very casual about making marks and not afraid of making mistakes or I don't care if it will become a successful image. And this often end up in a picture I am satisfied with, because it looks much more alive and free than the ones painted with a lot more care on a proper heavy weight watercolour paper.

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