Saturday, 12 November 2016

Rodin's Dancers@Courtauld Gallery

Carol @Paris Breakfast was in town again and we made it to Rodin and Dance at Courtauld Gallery.  I haven't been there for ages and I have quite forgotten that the gallery is packed with gems.

Au Bal/Eduard Manet this.  I marvel at the fast and casual brush strokes and simple but effective choice of colours.

The Passers-by/Raoul Dufy
...or like this. 

 Dawn Camden Town/Walter Sickert
Something a bit darker.  If I remember correctly, the man on the bed is speculated to be Jack the Ripper.
We made our way to the special exhibition area through these permanent collection.  Rodin and Dance exhibition was held at the top floor.  Taking photographs was not allowed, so I made several drawings.  The exhibition was not very extensive, only two rooms were dedicated for the exhibition but well worth a visit.  I kind of sighed relief because if it was bigger, I thought I have to come back with more stack of paper to draw them.  I only carried a few pieces of small watercolour paper.
I painted in the drawings at home, it was a good exercise so later I searched on the internet for more images of Rodin's dancers and drew them from the screen.
The hand gestures of the dancers looked very much like East Asian style dance, like Balinese dance.

This one looks more balletic. 
I tried to draw the figures in the simplest and fewest loose lines - getting them right in the first time is pretty tough but then using the rubber and leaving the trace of where the lines were before also leaves interesting marks on paper - in my opinion...  I'm wondering how much I can simplify the lines and still making them look like human figure, or just dropping blobs of flesh colour paint on paper without even drawing with pencil beforehand and making them look like human figure - just getting away with doing minimum brush strokes...this might be my next project.

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