Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Watching the Paint Dry

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Carol from Paris Breakfasts.  I have been her reader for years and it was a delight to finally meet her!  She gave me some very useful tips on how to experiment with watercolour on paper.  I used to try to do that following her blog entries but couldn't have quite got it.  Seeing it done in front of my own eyes made so much more sense.  Since then I've been doing the "Watching the paint dry" exercise whenever I find time.

"Watching the paint dry" is just that. You wet the surface of the paper and drop some colours, and just watch them flow and merge.  I find it works better if I don't fiddle with my brushes.  Less is more is definitely true!

I'm having a lot of fun doing this, watching the imaginary landscapes appearing without doing anything is just wonderful.  This one is done on a tiny paper but it's one of my favourite. It turned out to look like a dramatic stormy sky.  I'm wondering if I could reproduce something similar on a larger scale paper...
...And quite often you find the palette produces more interesting image than what you have done on the paper!  Shame it needs to be washed away...


  1. Wow Looking good Noriko!!
    Practice makes perfect and the 'happy accidents' as they are called become part of your repertoire. Love your landscapes!

    1. It'll be great if I could become so skilled in watching the paint dry that I can depend entirely on happy accidents to create an image!